an illustration of a clinician holding a urine test strip signifying moyamoya biomarkers

Groundbreaking research identifies noninvasive biomarker for moyamoya in children

Moyamoya is a rare blood vessel condition that has an outsized impact on children, as it is responsible for about 6 percent of pediatric strokes in the United States. Surgical revascularization is the only treatment and is very effective. However, clinicians face challenges in identifying new or worsening disease before a disabling stroke occurs, predicting ... Read More
an infographic showing the study's findings on VUR

Predicting the best treatment for vesicoureteral reflux in kids: The power of machine learning

The result of abnormal formation of the normal valve between the kidney and bladder, vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) can lead to recurrent febrile urinary tract infections (UTIs) and kidney scarring in children. Previous research has shown that when taken continuously, prophylactic antibiotics can reduce the risk of recurrent UTI in about half of this population. However, ... Read More
illustration of person wearing trans shirt with HDL above and below

Sex steroid treatment changes HDL cholesterol levels in transgender youth

In an important study in transgender youth, researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital and colleagues have discovered that HDL cholesterol levels change within six months after starting gender-affirming medical treatment. HDL levels dropped an average 7 points in transmasculine patients and they rose by about 11 points in transfeminine youth. The HDL shifts do not indicate ... Read More
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A couple with newborn baby

Remember these seven things before bringing your newborn home from the hospital

Congratulations, you just had a baby! Now what? Whether it’s your first, second, or eighth child, the initial weeks of life with a newborn can be a sleep-deprived blur. Hopefully, your first few days postpartum come with the support of knowledgeable, compassionate nurses and hospital staff. So before being discharged home with your bundle of ... Read More