an abstract illustration of the trachea

Game-changing surgical procedure results in zero-percent TEF re-recurrence rate

A tracheaesophageal fistula (TEF) is a congenital defect in which an abnormal connection forms between a child’s esophagus and trachea. It often occurs with esophageal atresia. Even after surgical repair, TEFs recur in about 10 to 15 percent of infants and children. They rarely close spontaneously and typically require surgical or endoscopic intervention. Key takeaways: ... Read More
Clinical Care
SIMPeds staff who helped out during COVID-19

Boston Children’s Simulator Program steps up during COVID-19

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals scrambled to adapt and prepare. Amid the chaos, the Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator Program, SIMPeds, sprang into action. SIMPeds is a world leader in running live simulations of care scenarios, allowing health care providers to rehearse tough or unanticipated situations in advance. Its SIMEngineering division is ... Read More
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cancer in transgender patients

Cancer care in transgender patients: Things to consider

Increasingly, transgender youth and adults are undergoing (or planning) gender-affirming surgery and taking masculinizing or feminizing hormones. If they have cancer, these treatments can have implications for their care, and cancer treatments in turn can have implications for their gender-affirming care. Oncologists should take gender identity into account in making decisions about cancer treatment. This ... Read More
Patient Stories
molly says her dog helps her manage chronic pain

Interventional techniques help Molly thrive with chronic pain

Molly McGowan loves baking, sewing, and taking daily walks in the woods with her goldendoodle, Cooper. But Cooper isn’t just any pet. He’s her service dog and a significant source of support. “I credit him with helping me get up and move every day,” she says. It isn’t always easy. For Molly, pain has been ... Read More
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Image of a vaccine and above, a smiling family who can get together now that they have been vaccinated

You’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine. What now?

As more and more people across the country get vaccinated for COVID-19, the rules for social distancing are also slowly shifting. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rolled out new guidelines for those who are fully vaccinated. But these rules can still be a bit confusing for families, especially when some family ... Read More
SARS-CoV-2 spike protein under the microscope

Sturdier spikes may explain SARS-CoV-2 variants’ faster spread

The fast-spreading U.K., South Africa, and Brazil variants are raising concerns and questions about whether current COVID-19 vaccines will protect against them. A structural biology study led by Bing Chen, PhD, at Boston Children’s Hospital now reveals how the D614G mutation — carried by all three variants — makes SARS-CoV-2 spread faster. Key takeaways: The main ... Read More
targeting pediatric cancer dependencies

Looking for cancer’s Achilles heel: The Pediatric Cancer Dependency Map

Thanks to developments in precision medicine, some adult cancers are now treated with designer drugs that target the genetic mutations that caused them. But most children with cancer have not reaped the same benefits. Unlike adult cancers, childhood cancers carry few genetic mutations. And the mutations these tumors do have are typically harder to make ... Read More
adjustable airway stent concept

Soft stents, hardened in place by UV light, allow a snug, custom fit

Airway stents are often used when the trachea and bronchi need to be buttressed, as in children and adults with tracheobronchomalacia whose airways become “floppy” and collapse during normal breathing. This condition can occur in conjunction with congenital cardiac anomalies in which the major heart vessels compress the trachea, and with severe, recurrent bronchitis. But ... Read More