The Beauty of the Brain

Credit: Jess Bell and Mary Whitman (Engle lab)

Every year, the Harvard Brain Science Initiative sponsors its Beauty of the Brain contest. This year, two Boston Children’s Hospital images are among the six winners drawn from a pool of forty submissions.

Above, Mary Whitman, MD, PhD, and Jess Bell, from the laboratory of Elizabeth Engle, MD, developed this image of a developing mouse embryo showing muscles in red and motor neurons in green. The Engle laboratory studies the genetics and molecular biology associated with eye disorders.

Below, Ellen DeGennaro, working in the laboratory of Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD, created this colorful image of a thin section of tissue from an adult mouse cerebellum. The image highlights blue nuclei, and Purkinje cells in red and green. The Walsh lab studies the genetics and molecular biology underlying human neurological diseases.

Credit: Ellen DeGennaro (Walsh lab)

To view all the spectacular images visit the Beauty of the Brain

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