Send us a smile: How families can help support Boston Children’s

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As the world continues to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are asking what they can do to support our hospital staff. While Boston Children’s is accepting donations, as well as sealed, unused N95 masks and other personal protective equipment, one of the simplest and most heartfelt things families can do is to send a message of support, says Katie Litterer, family partnerships coordinator and mom of two Boston Children’s patients.

Share your thanks

A fun and easy way to cheer on your health care team is by using our Wyng platform. You and your kids can send a general message of encouragement to our frontline workers, or craft a personal greeting to a favorite Boston Children’s staff member.

Litterer’s twin daughters, Sophie and Maddie, chose to send a photo and a handwritten note…

sophie and maddie show a handwritten note thanking health care workers
A heartfelt note from Sophie and Maddie

…as did the Williamson family.

A creative poster from the Williamsons

Other kids, like Jack Baker

Emma Morris

…and twins Stella and Thomas Downey, have put their parents’ cell phones to work, sending brief videos to show their support.

If you’d like to join these families in cheering on our Boston Children’s team, you can do so here. Have fun and get creative — you’re sure to brighten someone’s day.

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