All in the family: Dynamic nursing duos in the Heart Center

Lisa and Michael Greenlee, two nurses in the Cardiac ICU, pose in the hospital
Lisa and Michael Greenlee keep nursing in the family

Sometimes nursing runs in the family, and at the Boston Children’s Hospital Heart Center, we’re lucky to have several family pairs of nurses who are related. In celebration of National Nurses Week, we asked three of our duos to share more about what it’s like to work together.

Lisa and Michael Greenlee

Lisa and Michael both say they were inspired to become nurses to provide the best possible care and compassion to their patients. Sharing this common goal helps make them a dynamic duo — in their marriage and at work.

“We make a great team, whether in everyday life, or in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) at Boston Children’s,” says Michael. Lisa agrees, adding, “We love working in the CICU together, because we have the same incredible peers to work with!”

The two also enjoy sharing experiences in a way that would not be possible if they didn’t work together.

“We have full appreciation for and can relate to each other’s workday experiences; we find that to be very unique in a married relationship,” says Michael.

Karen and Marissa Horn, mother and daughter nurses, pose in the hospital
Karen and Marissa Horn

Karen and Marissa Horn

Karen Horn was inspired to become a nurse by her high school anatomy and physiology teacher, who also happened to be a registered nurse. Following in her footsteps is her daughter, Marissa, who recently joined the Medical Surgical ICU team as a graduate nurse.

“Being a new graduate nurse in an ICU is a really exciting experience, but it can also be a very emotional one,” says Karen. “I like that I’m able to support Marissa throughout her orientation experience.”

Marissa volunteered and then interned at Boston Children’s for several years before starting her job as a registered nurse. She says she’s excited to continue to work with the patients and families who helped inspire her to become a nurse. She also enjoys working at the same hospital as her mom, and that they share the same level of passion for nursing.

“I am so thrilled that Marissa works here,” says Karen. “We’re both incredibly happy that she’s part of our Boston Children’s family.”

Pat Burke-Sacco and Liz Sacco, a mother and daughter nursing team, pose in the hospital
Pat Burke-Sacco and Liz Sacco

Pat Burke-Sacco and Liz Sacco

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be a nurse and I always loved taking care of children,” says Pat Burke-Sacco. “Watching my daughter, Liz, work at Boston Children’s as a nurse is awe-inspiring. Seeing the respect she has earned from my peers, as well as hers, is rewarding and heartwarming. Lunch together is an added bonus.”

Liz feels the same way, and then some.

“My mom inspired me to become a nurse. I grew up hearing stories about working at Boston Children’s,” says Liz. “Listening to how those stories impacted her life made me realize I wanted to experience that in my life, too.”

From a young age, Liz cherished Boston Children’s “Nurse Nan” logo in a particularly special way. “I actually thought it was my mom, and I used to tell that to my friends all the time,” she jokes.

Whether they are visiting each other on days where their schedules overlap or comforting each other on tough days at work, Liz and Pat are most thankful to be sharing their experience together.

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