Akron Beacon Journal: UA grad student heads to Boston for third treatment; grateful for continued support

September 3, 2019

https://www.ohio.com/news/20190831/brave-face-ua-grad-student-heads-to-boston-for-third-treatment-grateful-for-continued-supportAkron Beacon Journal reports on Lamise ElBetar, a Boston Children’s patient undergoing treatments to try to reduce her venous malformation. Lamise, a University of Akron graduate student, was born with a mass of intertwined veins and muscle that causes the lower right side of her face and the majority of her lips to protrude. When she first came to UA three years ago from Egypt for her MBA in strategic administration, she and her family had given up hope of treating her condition after failed attempts when she was younger. Read more from Akron Beacon Journal.