Where the world comes for answers: Meet some of our international patients

laila and her mother stand on boston children's sky bridge with Dr. Lissette Jimenez
Laila is just one of many patients who have traveled internationally for care at Boston Children's. (Photos: Michael Goderre/Boston Children's)

Families travel to Boston Children’s Hospital from around the corner and around the globe. This year, we highlighted three of these fantastic kids.

Priyanshu at Boston Children's Hospital
Priyanshu’s father searched the world for the care his son needed for his complex heart condition. Photos:

Priyanshu (India)

A few months after he was born, Priyanshu was diagnosed with double outlet right ventricle (DORV) with hypoplastic (small) ventricle, a rare congenital heart condition. After one surgery, multiple hospitals in India declined to further treat Priyanshu due to the severity of his condition. Read more about how his father’s determination brought Priyanshu to Boston Children’s Benderson Family Heart Center — and a lifesaving surgery.

laila, who has After months without answers for Laila, intensive evaluation by a team of Boston Children’s clinicians revealed a rare #genetic condition called #trichohepatoenteric syndrome, poses by a butterfly mural
Laila and her mom traveled from Egypt for care.

Laila (Egypt)

When Laila arrived from Egypt, she had already been misdiagnosed nine times — but it was no wonder. After three months at Boston Children’s, her parents learned she has trichohepatoenteric syndrome. This extremely rare genetic condition can cause chronic diarrhea, liver disease, and other complications that can be life threatening if left untreated. Learn how Laila’s care team in the Congenital Enteropathy Program is helping her live her best life.

Metehan (United Kingdom)

When he was just 8 weeks old, Metehan was diagnosed with type 1 spinal muscular atrophy (SMA-1), a degenerative genetic disorder that leads to loss of muscle function over time. After learning that he could receive a rare gene therapy treatment at Boston Children’s, his parents traveled for care in the hospital’s Spinal Muscular Atrophy Program. Read more about how our Global Services team helped make the process as smooth as possible.

Learn more about Global Services at Boston Children’s.

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